Get to know us a bit better


The Turner Learning Center

was founded in 2003 by

Frank and Marina Duchêne.


TLC has grown to a team of 50 talented teachers.


We now have over 500 students.

The Turner Learning Center (TLC) was founded in 2003 by Marina Duchene with the aim of developing English as a skill for life.

As of 2018, TLC supports over 500 students with developing English as a skill for life and works with 50 teachers. Regarded as one of the leading EFL schools in Paris, we look for truly dedicated, passionate and motivated teachers to represent TLC.

TLC experiences growth year on year in terms of both students and teachers. As an organisation that is constantly expanding we are frequently on the look out for new teachers to help us achieve our mission. You can find out more about our head office team below.

Meet our team


Co-Founder & Finanical Officer

Co-founder of TLC. Frank helped set up TLC and joined the team full time in 2011. His role is divided into three main poles: ensuring our administrative obligations are met, financial control and development.


Co-Founder & Development Officer

Co-Founder of TLC. Marina started of as a free lance English teacher in 2003. Her role at TLC focuses on teaching, liasing with parents and development. She also writes and develops academic material and support.


Head Teacher & Operations

Mala joined TLC as a teacher in February 2015. In August 2015 Mala was promoted to the position of Head Teacher. Her role is split into three areas: head teacher, hiring and developing TLC school.


IT Control

Marie joined TLC as a teacher in September 2010. In August 2014 Marie became in charge of IT.  Her role is divided into two poles: IT support and control. 


TLC School Teacher & Adminstration

Eleanor arrived at TLC in September 2015, a year later became part of the HO team. Her role includes: teaching, TLC School operations, parent support and admin. 


Teacher & Adminstration

Jacob became part of TLC in February 2017 as a teacher before joining the HO team. His role involves teaching, hiring, teacher support and admin.