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Becoming an EFL Teacher is, in our opinion, one of the most rewarding jobs
you can have. Not only do you get to travel the world and experience new cultures, but you truly have an impact in shaping the lives and futures of your students.

TLC is more than just a company you work for. We are a community that will support and encourage you in your professional development.

Why should I work work with TLC?

CDI Contract

We are the only school in Paris to offer a CDI contract. This takes the hard work out of having to figure out social security payments and health insurance yourself. It also offers you a sense of security and shows that we value you as a teacher.

Regular Training

Apart from job security, we also offer regular training and chances to grow within our company. We are a serious and professional school and we support those who are serious about a career in teaching.

Materials Provided

Lastly, we provide all the teaching materials you will need for your classes. This reduces the amount of time required for planning and allows you to have more free time to explore your new city in your free time!

But don’t take our word for it, hear what our teacher’s have to say!

“Since this was my first experience teaching EFL I appreciated having a clear curriculum that built on my previous teaching experience. The learning objectives were sufficiently specific to give me a clear understanding of the ultimate goal whilst being broad enough to allow me to teach in the way I knew worked for me.”

Lisa Hurst
Teaches Cycle 2 and Cycle 3

“As a relatively new teacher I have found the professional and the pedagogical support offered by TLC to be very helpful. The fact that there is a clear curriculum for each cycle means I always have a clear framework to follow. The structure gave me the confidence to plan my classes and develop my own teaching styles.”

Amy Levy
A2 coaching and English literacy

“As a qualified EFL teacher I was comfortable with the teaching aims and objectives. However, I had never taught young students. The clear workbooks, suggested activities and regular feedback from head office helped me tailor my goals to be age appropriate.”

Luc Schumaker
Teaches IELTS, B2 coaching and Cycle 4

Open Positions

If you like the sound of working for us and think you would be a good fit, please apply for one of the open positions below. For any further enquiries, you can fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you.

TLC English Teacher

A TLC teacher would be working at Stage One of the TLC career development programme. There are 3 main components to a teacher’s role at TLC. They are as follows :

  1. Teaching – the TLC curriculum, preparing pupils for exams and ensuring that pupils develop the necessary skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening at every course level.

2. Administration – On the one hand, the purpose of this is to facilitate pupils’ learning and to ensure that it is maximised as in the case of reporting on lessons, mock tests and assessments and keeping parents informed on their children’s learning and development. On the other hand, this is a tool for teachers to process pay and check on scheduled classes.

3.  Marketing/ Sales – Every teacher at TLC has the opportunity to be an Ambassador for TLC. Teachers, who introduce clients who sign up with TLC, will be rewarded and have the opportunity to supplement their income. They will be provided with the necessary training and business cards to enable them to be successful in this role.

TLC Qualified Teacher

A teacher who is working at Stage Two of the TLC career development programme. 

  1. Teaching – the TLC curriculum and adapting it so that pupil’s learning is maximised, ensuring that pupils meet or exceed their end of year targets.

2. Administration – Teachers will organise and manage all aspects of their classes and personal administration independently.

3.  Marketing/ Sales – Teachers will be able to liaise between prospective clients and sales and marketing.

TLC Lead Teacher

A teacher who is working at Stage Three of the TLC career development programme. 

  1. Teaching – Lead Teachers will be exemplary teachers (deserving imitation because of excellence) and will oversee the teaching and learning of a group of teachers and pupils respectively under their care.

2. Administration – Lead Teachers will monitor and support teachers in all their administrative roles and responsibilities.

3. Marketing/ Sales – Lead Teachers will be able to transform sales of TLC products.

Application Process

Apply to work for us

Fill out an application form and upload your CV, Passport, Visa, Educational certificates, Police check and references.

The Skype interviews

Have an interview with a member of. our team via Skype

Held weekdays excluding Wednesdays

All meetings will be held in 30 minutes slots from 11:30 – 13:30 GMT+1

The Face to Face interviews

Be invited to one of our interview dates with a selection of other candidates to take part in an interview day where you can show your skills.

Held weekdays excluding Wednesdays from 11:00 – 14:00

Start Teaching!

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